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Thomas Fuenmayor

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Thomas specializes in real estate investments and small business acquisitions, leveraging experience in private equity to identify profitable investment opportunities and deliver strong returns for investors. He is Founding Partner at Spectrum Capital, which he started as a fund with family and friends, quickly growing it into what it is today. Thomas is also highly skilled in international commerce and cryptocurrency.

Thomas started his career as a Business Development Manager for five years. During this time, he worked with the sales, marketing, and client relationship management teams, developing a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive business environment. He scaled a regional family business to a multi level national company and positioned Allmax C.A. as a leader in the food industry in Venezuela and in 2018, he created Allmax Trading Corp in Miami, Florida where he oversaw the company's operations in the United States, helping grow sales to $3 million in 2019. ‍



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